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US-9057428-B2: Transaxle device patent, US-9073180-B2: Quick release structure of woodworking clamp patent, US-9081794-B2: Method and system for automatically recognizing operating system by USB device patent, US-9105054-B2: Method and system for automated online calendar-based donations patent, US-9123824-B2: Method of forming an integrated circuit package patent, US-9129073-B2: Shape optimization method patent, US-9184610-B2: Dual mode charging device patent, US-9220925-B2: Device for the production of lipstick leads with a flexible mold patent, US-9227124-B1: Apparatus and method for training a baseball pitcher patent, US-9235965-B2: Electronic gaming device with persistent wild reel games patent, US-9246359-B2: Apparatus for harvesting leakage energy patent, US-9265110-B2: LED power supply with small dimming ratio control and control method thereof patent, US-9285596-B2: Free-space combining of laser beam radiation patent, US-9293707-B2: Substrate with a functional layer comprising a sulphurous compound patent, US-9310660-B2: Organic compound and electrochromic element including the same patent, US-9326733-B2: System and method for acquisition of biopotential signals with motion artifact reduction in real time operation patent, US-9341341-B1: Lens for an illuminating device patent, US-9348060-B2: Polymeric triarylmethane dye, blue resin composition including for color filter including the polymeric dye and color filter using the resin composition patent, US-9392161-B2: Imaging apparatus patent, US-9399515-B1: Injury mitigation for aerial delivery over active populations patent, US-9432602-B2: Solid-state imaging device, driving method, and electronic device patent, US-9457370-B2: Quick disconnect devices for spray nozzles patent, US-9458085-B2: Formulations patent, US-9481330-B2: Method for reducing linear distortion in a power interface for a motor vehicle patent, US-9483021-B2: Methods and apparatus for holographic animation patent, US-9497646-B2: Performance evaluation of services and applications on devices in live wireless environments patent, US-9501578-B2: Dynamic semantic models having multiple indices patent, US-9539196-B2: Compositions comprising a SIRT6 activator and a DNA repair enzyme patent, US-9576439-B2: Gaming machine capable of repeatedly executing a unit game patent, US-9596650-B2: Radio wake-up system with multi-mode operation patent, US-9596804-B2: Riding mower patent, US-9616355-B2: Construction kit patent, US-9633180-B2: Processing system with register arbitration and methods for use therewith patent, US-9639926-B1: Image processing tool for automatic feature recognition and quantification patent, US-9645428-B2: Display panel with protective adhesive portion and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-9649262-B2: Azeotrope-like compositions of tetrafluoropropene and alcohols patent, US-9652344-B2: In-memory data store replication through remote memory sharing patent, US-9673877-B1: Radiofrequency processor patent, US-9684532-B2: Virtual machine reboot information persistence into host memory patent, US-9691801-B2: Image sensing device with cap and related methods patent, US-9711632-B2: Intra-band tunnel FET patent, US-9738215-B2: Method for controlling a headlight patent, US-9755055-B2: Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same patent, US-9781260-B2: Detection and notification of end user presence via a telecommunications device patent, US-9784610-B2: Terahertz wave measuring device, measuring method, and measuring rig patent, US-9850989-B2: Compliant tensioner arm patent, US-9860519-B2: Method for correcting image phase patent, US-9860537-B2: Multi-focus image data compression patent, US-PP20336-P3: Chestnut plant named ‘AU Encore’ patent, US-8584559-B2: Automatic universal workpiece feed and unloading device for machine tool patent, US-8623982-B2: Polyethylene fibers and processes of forming the same patent, US-8626203-B1: Method and system for differentiated paging channel selection patent, US-8653626-B2: Package structures including a capacitor and methods of forming the same patent, US-8693733-B1: Targeted advertising based on license plate recognition patent, US-8712004-B2: Nuclear fuel assembly bottom nozzle patent, US-8740122-B2: Roller press grid armoring comprising ring-shaped bolts patent, US-8768540-B2: Integrated avionics system patent, US-8780676-B2: Interactive clock with analogue time display patent, US-8781332-B2: Optical transceiver module, optical transmission device, and optical transmission method patent, US-8786880-B2: Device agent for distributed processing and printing patent, US-8790207-B2: Hydraulic control system of automatic transmission for hybrid vehicle patent, US-8818821-B2: Digital assistant appliance for assisting an operator in the manual preparation of a liquid pharmaceutical composition in a medical instrument for administering the composition to a patient, and corresponding operating method patent, US-8831805-B2: Construction machine and industrial vehicle having power supply system patent, US-8869084-B2: Parameterized cell layout generation guided by a design rule checker patent, US-8940105-B2: Sulfonamide-doped undercoat for imaging device patent, US-8941898-B2: Sensor IC, contact image sensor and image reading apparatus patent, US-8983396-B2: Methods and apparatus for parameter adjustment during measurement gaps patent, US-8984318-B2: System and method to avoid resynchronization when protecting multiple servers patent, US-9002623-B2: Fully flexible exhaust valve actuator control systems and methods patent, US-9003871-B2: Hardness tester and hardness test method patent, US-9007401-B1: Head mounted display and method for controlling the same patent, US-9020110-B1: Consumer-provider video interaction patent, US-9042279-B2: User equipment with reduced power consumption operational modes patent, US-9071927-B2: Collapsed mobile architecture patent, US-9077986-B2: Electronic visual displays patent, US-9091691-B2: Immunochemical detection of single target entities patent, US-9109977-B2: Optical fiber characteristics measurement device and method patent, US-9160457-B2: Adaptive compensation circuitry for suppression of distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of optical components patent, US-9162077-B2: Wide spectrum LED components patent, US-9168327-B2: Bone/collagen composites and uses thereof patent, US-9179225-B2: Hearing aid device patent, US-9180478-B2: Method and apparatus for spray painting soil of a golf hole patent, US-9226869-B2: Height adjustment device for a handle of a rollator patent, US-9228632-B2: Damping force variable shock absorber having additional valve installed in rod guide patent, US-9235162-B2: Developer storage container and image forming apparatus with same patent, US-9263351-B2: Method of forming an integrated inductor by dry etching and metal filling patent, US-9271155-B2: Wireless communication system using hybrid cooperative and noncooperative sensing patent, US-9294845-B2: Miniature speaker patent, US-9324828-B2: Vertical P-type, N-type, P-type (PNP) junction integrated circuit (IC) structure, and methods of forming patent, US-9335257-B2: Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy with water vapor determination patent, US-9337254-B1: Integrated FinFET capacitor patent, US-9344993-B2: Location verification patent, US-9348612-B2: Storage medium having stored therein information processing program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method patent, US-9354646-B2: Internal voltage generator and contactless IC card including the same patent, US-9355737-B2: Semiconductor memory device patent, US-9394581-B2: Heat treatment method for bainitic turnout rail patent, US-9408115-B2: Base station controller selection for a roaming radio base station and method of operating the same patent, US-9434508-B2: Exhibiting container for fasteners patent, US-9444220-B2: Method for controlling wavelength tunable laser patent, US-9477272-B2: Prevention of removal of solid state drive from computer housing with data being accessible thereon patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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